The 5 Women in Music You’re Going to Want to Know

Let’s be honest, it is easy to get yourself into a music funk. Whether you are still listening to the same mixtape from high school or are trapped on the B side of your favorite record, it’s never a bad time to add some new tunes to your playlist. New music can give you a fresh perspective, inspiration, and prompt new impulses. Taking a step out of your artistic comfort zone is something that you can never regret.

These women are paving their own way in the music industry with creative originality and independence. We have a feeling you’ll want to take a listen…

1. Mon Laferte



Mon Laferte is a huge star in the Latin community but is relatively unknown amongst English speakers. Her music is deeply personal with vulnerable and frank lyrics. Even if you are not a Spanish speaker, it is difficult not to resonate with Mon Laferte’s music as it is a reminder that music transcends language. Her vintage throwback style is modern and classic at the same time as she combines elements of soul, rock n roll, and pop with classic Chilean and Mexican style. She is worth checking out just for her cool vintage aesthetic which is best described as Amy Winehouse meets Mexico pin-up. Amárrame ft. Juanes (which translates in English to “Tie Me”) is a sultry summer song of seduction. It’s catchy cumbia feel layered with Mon Laferte and Juanes’ risqué vocals will be stuck in your head all summer long.


2. Jorja Smith



Jorja Smith has a unique soulful voice reminiscent of jazz icons like Sarah Von and Billy Holliday. Jorja Smith is like the young English Ericka Badu as her music combines elements of neo-soul, jazz, and hip-hop. Her lyrics are educated, frank, and truthful causing the listener to have a million little revelations as they listen. She is bold, taking political stances against police violence and is an outspoken feminist. In her most recent release, Teenage Fantasy she reminiscences about teenage love. One cannot ignore how beautifully complicated her laid back style of music can be in this song. It is difficult to ignore Jorja Smith with her strong, and powerful shaved head, beautiful face, and intelligent lyrics. She is currently one of the most “bad ass” rising woman in music.


3. Cera



With a voice that resonates with the core of your soul, 21-year-old Cera is an undiscovered gem from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her virtuous appearance contrasts with her dark bluesy music, representing elements of country, grunge, and rock n roll.  Her music rebels against her strict religious upbringing and speaks of unpure and sinful human nature.  In her song titled I Sold My Soul, her piercing blue eyes stare into the camera singing of sin and betrayal. “You are my inception, my black addiction, something I can’t live without but you’re killing me slowly” she sings while dragging a manakin in a suit through the deserts of Utah. I Sold My Soul conjures memories of Pearl Jam and Nirvana with a beautiful feminine twist. Cera is not afraid to sing about making mistakes and finding power in her femininity.


4. Kali Uchis



If you are looking for a little summer pick me up, it’s time to track down the bubbly, pink music of Kali Uchis. A native Colombian who was raised in the suburbs of D.C., her music feels like stepping into a summer dream with a creamy vintage aesthetic. Uchis is a quadruple threat as a singer, songwriter, director, and producer. Her presence is magnetic and mesmerizing, combining elements of 1960’s doo-wop, 1970’s soul, and 1990’s hip-hop. Kali Uchis’ music takes the listener back through time while adding her own modern flair to the music she crafts. Her newest track titled Tyrant is an eerie political stance and a summer love jam all at the same time.  She sings, “When everything is a riot, you’re my peace and quiet.” Kali Uchis’ aesthetic is as captivating as her unique voice and songwriting abilities. Be careful, once you listen, you will not be able to look away.


5. Maggie Rogers



Maggie Rogers gained success as a producer and singer-songwriter from a Youtube broadcasted masterclass at her college in which she made Pharell Williams cry during a critique of her song.  Maggie Rogers puts a modern twist on the classic folk singer-songwriter as she implements elements of the Fleet Foxes and Jonie Mitchell with an effortless originality. Her music is unusual as her folky, nature inspired music is influenced by electronic and modern sounds. In her hit song Alaska, she reminisces about growing up in rural Maryland. “I was walking through icy streams that took my breath away / Moving slowly through westward water over glacial plains.” With Alaska, Rogers has effortlessly brought folk music into the digital age.

Miranda Zipse

Miranda is a music blogger and singer-songwriter who is originally from the small town of Carmel, California. When she is not writing for her blog, she is writing songs or out watching live music. She loves to sing with her dog Niko, and peruse thrift stores for vintage fashion. To see her blog about emerging women in music visit or @thesoullink on Instagram.

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