7 Art Museums on Our Bucket List

1. The Getty

Image from http://www.getty.edu/museum/

The classic Getty is in our scope for its architecture, amazing views of Los Angeles, and fabulous gardens. This museum draws over 1 million annual visitors and holds artwork from all over the world, including Van Gogh’s famous Irises.


2. The Museum of Tolerance

Image from http://www.museumoftolerance.com

Also located in Los Angeles, this museum is on our radar for its lessons of history and compassion. We know the world has seen intolerance from the Holocaust, segregation, and even within the nation’s current state of affairs. This museum is informative with its exhibits and artifacts, making us curious to pay a visit.


3. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Image from TripAdvisor.com

Located in New York, this is the largest art museum in the United States. Also, it is definitely among the most widely visited in the world. Aside from its impressive architecture, its exhibits contain millions of pieces of art, making it a must visit.


4. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Image from http://www.philamuseum.org Art by Bruce Nauman

As the name implies, this museum is located in Philadelphia and was originally constructed to host the Centennial Exposition of 1876. The Exposition was a World Fair hosted in the United States to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Now, the building is a museum that holds hundreds of thousands of objects showcasing western and eastern artistic achievement.


5. High Museum of Art

Image from https://www.high.org

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this is the more widely known museum of the southeastern United States. The museum contains thousands of pieces of art and even showcases modern and contemporary art, including photography.


6. Palace of Versailles

Photo from http://en.chateauversailles.fr

Versailles was originally built as a center of power for the Kingdom of France, but is open today as a museum and very popular tourist attraction. It is visited by millions each year for its history, grand architecture, and its large gardens. This is definitely on our radar!


7. National Gallery, London

Image from Wikipedia.com

The National Gallery in London hosts paintings from the 1200’s to the 19th century. It is among one of the most visited art museums in the world after the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their collection is small compared to other European galleries, but the historical significance of their pieces out-do other museums. The National Gallery contains many important developments in Western painting, leaving this museum as a definite “to visit.”







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