9 Airbnbs That Will Give You Wanderlust

Hotels, bed & breakfasts, and hostels will always be big business- so where does that leave Airbnb? With over 3 million listings worldwide in 191+ countries, the little guy is giving traditional travel accommodations a run for their money.

Airbnb is a self-described community of users (read: travelers) where the sky is the limit and there is no such thing as impossible. With Airbnb’s service, you decide exactly where you stay (they have castles, guys), how much you pay, and what amenities you can live without while away from the comforts of your own home. Not to mention, this can all be done at the push of a button with that glowing screen you always carry in your hand.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 and since then it has become a household name for millennials and baby boomers alike. Want to know why?

Here are 10 of the most beautiful listings around the world to get you excited about your next destination:



New York City is becoming one of the most expensive cities in the world (someone had to say it) and for the average traveler, staying at the Ritz Carlton or Waldorf Astoria isn’t exactly budget friendly. A good compromise and one of the best ways to feel like a true New Yorker is to stay in a studio.

This gem is located the hip borough of Brooklyn and has been remodeled into a functional and airy loft. The unique and fashion inspired décor, along with the original art hanging throughout the loft gives the space a true Brooklynite vibe.

Did I mention that this bad boy also comes with three coral reef tanks?


San Francisco

This luxury apartment is brand spanking new (it opened about 6 months ago) and has some insane views of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

While the interior of this home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the rooftop terrace is something that will be worth writing home about.




Buenos Aires is a growing metropolis with influences of Parisian and Italian architecture that can be seen throughout much of the city.

However, this home is out of the bustling city (near Mar de Plata) where you will find yourself surrounded by nature and looking at a unique home that has been designed from the ground up.

The juxtaposition of modern and contemporary lines with the softness of the outdoors is something very different (yet welcomed) in this South American city.




This architectural villa is nicknamed “The Naked House” because of its minimalistic approach to design. This home sits in front of a natural reserve and because of this, it was designed to be open to nature. Where 3 walls should be, there is only green.

Being in a natural environment is exactly what most people are looking for when they travel to Thailand, and this space on south side of Koh Samui provides just that.

Oh, and let’s not forget the best part: NO mosquitos.




Glenmore Manor in Lurgan, UK (Northern Ireland to be exact) is a wedding destination or 30th birthday celebration dream as it has 2 living rooms, 6 bedrooms and can sleep up to 18 guests.

Not to mention the following: A large heated indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, a large garden for entertaining, and an outdoor kitchen.

This Irish Manor is a perfect blend of old and new, and will set you back $1,122/night.



Many instantly imagine the Eiffel Tower in Paris when they hear a French accent, yet not everyone is cut out for the city life. In fact, many go abroad to escape the city and become enveloped by nature. In this small town of Castelnau-de-Levis, you can nestle into a grown up version of your childhood treehouse with a glass of wine in hand, surrounded by trees and facing the Tarn River as the sun goes down.




Located on Lake Como, this villa is on the pricier side at $1,335 per night. Before you scurry away, remember that this incredible spot comfortably sleeps 8 and is impeccably decorated with a modern feel and subtle touches of rustic throughout. Also, can you imagine saying ‘Buon giorno’ to this view every morning?




Have you always wanted to see the Northern Lights? Well, you’re in luck with this divine spot located about a 5 minute drive from Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital. Speechless.



South Africa

A 3-story penthouse with a rooftop jacuzzi, exposed brick throughout, rare underground parking, and it’s on the oldest street in Johannesburg?

This unique dwelling has been featured on the Tastemakers Africa Johannesburg list of best Airbnb’s in Africa, and no one is asking why.

The custom interior, wrap around balcony which gives some incredible views of the historic street it’s on- and not to mention, amazing location (it is only 5 minutes away from the party capital of Maboneng) will remind you that you’re getting your money’s worth.







Adriana Ferrell

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