Danielle Leucht From All Ye Citizens Is the Boutique Craft Goddess

Craftsmanship and handmade goods sits at the soul of All Ye Citizens, a boutique craft store opened by blogger-turned-market-owner Danielle Leucht. Located in Oceanside, California on South Coast Highway, All Ye Citizens has a simple mission: supporting small shops, artisans, and brands.

Danielle Leucht opens up about the different roles she plays – entrepreneur, mother, wife, friend – and how she maintains the balance.

For the brick and mortar experience that is rooted in small business owners and quality, handmade goods, it is time to become a part of the All Ye Citizens tribe.

1. What was the inspiration behind All Ye Citizens?



As a former blogger, I loved supporting small shops and makers and featuring them on my blog. I always felt like I could do more, I wanted to see their goods and creations in the hands of my readers. I had always wanted to have my own brick and mortar shop but the details were always fuzzy. I got the vision for All Ye Citizens during Christmas season 2015, and less than a year later we opened our doors. I feature over 50 makers in here, many of whom I had featured on my blog back in the day. I love that I am seeing dreams come to life and supporting so many families.


2. What was it like when you first opened?


It was pretty surreal. I grew up in Oceanside, California so to have a shop in my hometown, in my favorite part of town none the less, is pretty amazing. We had a great response from the local community and for that I’m so grateful!


3. What is the best thing you have learned since owning your own business and being a female entrepreneur?



Be humble. There is always room for improvement. Don’t get stuck on the small stuff. Ask for help/advice from fellow business owners, and always find new ways to stay connected to your customers/followers. Building relationships with them is so key!



4. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced since starting All Ye Citizens?


I think for me it’s mainly balancing all my roles. I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend… and some times one or more are put to the side. I make sure to have boundaries and give my family the time they deserve, and also make sure I am devoting time to my friends. I’m a mess with out them!


5. What can a customer expect when they visit All Ye Citizens?



They will walk into an inviting, happy place and feel completely welcome and at home. They will find makers they may have never heard of before and know that their purchases are supporting the local community. They will find a variety of goods, everything from jewelry, home decor, bath and body, wall art, stationary, kids and women’s apparel, photography, etc. Literally something for everyone!


6. How do you choose which products to sell?


Most of the vendors I originally started with were on a list I had of people I would love to feature in a shop one day. I’m constantly adding to that list and have brought many new people in since opening. Many of the vendors are friends of mine, I know some pretty talented people! And quite a few people have reached out to me through Instagram and if it fits the vibes of my shop I’m more than happy to bring them in.


7. What is your current bestseller?



My top seller almost monthly is the Mama Bird tee by The Bee + The Fox. A popular, cute tee that I wear all the time too!


8. If a woman wanted to open her own boutique, what is the biggest piece of advice you would give her?


Do something every day that will help you get to that goal. It won’t happen overnight so be intentional about gathering research, visiting other shops for inspiration, asking shop owners questions and picking their brain. A lot of little things each day add up and then you are ready to take the first big step.


9. What has been the greatest moment with All Ye Citizens?



There have been so many moments of joy these past 9 months, I couldn’t even say one is greater than the other. I’m constantly blown away on a daily basis how God provided and led us to where we are. A dream come true for sure. I love meeting new people everyday and the relationships I make with vendors and customers are priceless. Many have become good friends of mine! I am thankful I have a space which is all my own, where I’m not afraid to share my faith and that I know is a blessing to so many families, not just my own.


10. Who is the All Ye Citizens girl?


Someone who loves supporting makers and creatives, someone who loves to love on others, who dreams big and is inspired by seeing others’ dreams come true.


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