Bloom Babes Chat Floral Trends, Wedding Clients, & Starting a Business

As if flowers weren’t whimsical enough, the Bloom Babes are bringing even more magic to your floral arrangements. This best friend duo never lacks passion or inspiration and lives for a client that is wild about their creations.

Emily and Angie’s floral business grew organically – out of a search for passion they were lacking at their day jobs. What grew was a bona fide rad, good vibes, and romantic floral company.

Meet Bloom Babes!

1. How was Bloom Babes born?


Emily and I were both at jobs we worked hard in school for, but weren’t feeling super fulfilled about. We both come from a background seeped in nature and art, and floral design was a perfect combination of the two for us. Ditching our existing paths and choosing to work at local flower shops in 2013 was the stepping stone for us to becoming Bloom Babes. When we started helping our friends with their weddings, we began getting inquiries from other people and we just kind of kept rolling with it. We just said “yes” to everything and let the pieces fall into place. Everything snowballed so naturally and effortlessly that we realized we had to be in the right place doing the right thing.


2. What does Bloom Babes specialize in? What services do you offer? What regions/cities does Bloom Babes offer floral services?

We specialize in free flowing, intentional, garden-like floral design for weddings and events. We make everything from full, lush arrangements, technical and intriguing floral installations, to bridal bouquets and small hand-work items such as boutonnieres and corsages for weddings.

We’re based of out North County of San Diego, but we love to travel! Many of our events take place in Orange County and LA, and have gone as far as Minnesota.


3. What is the first thing you ask your brides and grooms before starting the floral process?

“Do you trust us?” haha just kidding. But really! We feel that we do our best work when our clients allow us to suggest where we believe florals make the most impact. We really want the flowers to complement the magic of the day. Flowers are just the icing on the cake! So we like to ask how important flowers are to them for their big day and we suggest accordingly.


4. What is the one piece of advice you would give to newly engaged couples starting to plan their wedding about picking their florist?

If flowers are important to you, take the time to browse through a few floral designers and select the one who’s designs speak to you the most! This will ensure that no matter what the florist creates, it will be something you truly love, without having to stress about communicating your vision to the florist. Pinterest is a great tool for curating images that best describe the atmosphere of your wedding, and so helpful for us florists to see what inspires you most. From that, we do our best to gather inspiration to create something unique for you. We also recommend booking a photographer whose style really speaks to you. Those photos are forever and something you will look at for the rest of your lives!


5. What is it like working together as best friends?

We jokingly call each other our wife — it’s just like being in a marriage. Learning to communicate our wants and needs and always looking out for the best interest of each other has been integral. We have learned to identify our strengths and weaknesses and fill in for each other when one of us falls short or is struggling. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve got each other’s back and that we’re in it together. I also love that we still choose to hang out as friends outside of the business. Our friendship brought the business together so making sure we put it aside at times and laugh and play together is really important to us.


6. What is the main thing you have both learned from starting a business?


Having a small business in California is not the easiest and friendliest avenue, sad to say. We didn’t know much about taxes or book keeping in the beginning, and had a very rude awakening. We definitely advise taking any sort of class to help educate on the topic.. it will pay back tenfolds and save a lot of stress!
Floral wise — don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Make it a goal to learn something new about flowers and yourself from every opportunity that comes your way. Say yes to everything in the beginning and establish connections with other florists and people in the industry.
For us, floral design comes from our heart. There’s something really raw and real that comes from imagining up a color pallete. You’re there translating colors and textures by intentionally placing florals together so that they harmonize and become even more beautiful together. You essentially evoke an emotion in this process. When you feel that, just know that you’re in the right place and your best work comes from that really sacred space and energy. (kinda makes me wanna cry just thinking about it) haha!


7. What advice would you give other women if they are looking to start a floral business?

Don’t compare yourself on social media. It is so easy to fall into that rabbit hole and end up feeling not good enough. Put on your blinders, and create from your heart.

Also – reach out to your floral community and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of us are all about sharing information on pricing, contracts, logistics, etc. as it helps make it fair for everyone.


8. What is your favorite flower and why?

This is probably the hardest question to answer. I really love them all! I would say garden roses are the most beautiful and versatile to use. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, and typically their scent is incredible.

The most meaningful flower in my life, though, is a sunflower. We rarely use them in our designs, but it’s my mom’s favorite flower, and my best memories as a kid and adult is stopping on the side of the road in the countryside of Buenos Aires, Argentina and playing in the fields. There’s nothing as happy and magical in life as frolicking in a field of sunflowers as far as the eye can see.


9. What was your favorite Bloom Babes job?

Every wedding we get to be part of is a huge honor for us. It feels like we are doing more than just a job — we are there in the beginning chapter of our clients’ lives, and that feels really special. The fact that they chose us to be part of that pivotal moment for them makes us feel so thankful for our work and gives us a huge sense of purpose. We live for the excitement of our brides’ faces when they get to see their bouquet for the first time. We seriously feel like we could do backflips every time our client feels really stoked on our work.

Besides weddings just being our favorite in general — We once had a huge corporate event that was tiki themed and it made all of our Hawaiian dreams come true. (Heads up- if you’re a bride and your entire wedding theme involves tikis and Elvis Presley, we will do your florals for free 😀 )


10. Best part about being a Bloom Babe?

Hanging out with my wife every day. Coming up with fun ideas for floral installs when given the opportunity. Learning with every single event how to get better at our craft and how to be compassionate about our work, even if we feel funky about it. But the most fun is singing silly songs together while we work! We have a Disney playlist that we almost exclusively listen to. Or we watch RuPaul’s drag race all day while slinging flowers. Things get a little extreme in our studio haha!


11. Any 2017 floral trends we should be aware of?

Pantone announced that GREEN is the color of the year, so we have definitely been having fun with lots and lots of greenery! We recently have been playing with a really juicy color palette of hot pinks, corals, peaches, lime and blue greens. Juicy is the only word to explain it!! I hope more and more brides choose to go juicy on their big day 🙂


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