Bridesmaids Gifts: How To & DIY

While the concept of bridesmaids was originally designed out of superstition (they dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits and protect the newlyweds), today they have become a symbol of sisterhood.

I’ll just place a quick disclaimer out there: I have 13 bridesmaids. Usually when I tell people that, they respond with this general same message: “WHAT?! You can’t have 13 bridesmaids – that is crazy!”

Which stressed me out. A lot. It made me re-examine and try to figure out my bridesmaids in different ways. At one point, I decided I wasn’t even going to have bridesmaids because it was so stressful. But what was really making me uneasy was people’s reactions to me having 13 bridesmaids – not having 13 bridesmaids.

When you are getting married and planning your wedding, opinions from others rise high. You have to separate the outside comments and suggestions and go with what you want.

I am so blessed and fortunate and lucky that I have 13 (and more!) incredible, strong, loving and supportive women in my life that I would like to honor and walk through this wedding process with. I looked at it as such an opportunity to tell some of my closest family and friends that I love them and cherish them. Far too often in life, we do not express gratitude for those around us and having bridesmaids is the perfect opportunity for that.

Which lead me to my next thought – how do I ask them? I wanted to make the moment special and put some thought into a physical gift. Especially in today’s age, an actual card and gift to open goes a long way. Also creating these gifts was one of the best parts of the process for me.

So, the hunt began. I wanted to theme it according to my Palm Springs wedding so I got palm tree drink stirrers and cactus necklaces. Then for the main item, I went with mini Voluspa candles. Wrapped the entire thing up with pretty gold and white striped wrapping paper, tied a bow around and placed a little card on top.

I scoured the internet a lot before coming up with the final idea or buying any one item in particular. Etsy and Amazon were my lifesavers (Etsy mostly for inspiration, Amazon for price!).

The palm tree drink stirrers are from SunnyLife. The cactus necklaces are from Amazon. The Volupsa candles are from Anthropologie. The wrapping paper is from Target. The stickers on the cards are from Bando.

I gave out all of my bridesmaids gifts this past weekend and it was really special not only for them, but for me. Getting married is not just about the love you and your fiancé share, but also about the love you share with all of your combined family and friends. Giving bridesmaids gifts is one way to share that love.

Any other cute bridesmaids gift ideas? Comment below, I want to hear!!




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