The Comeback of ‘80s Fashion

The fashion industry is known for its cyclical nature, reviving past styles and updating them with a modern aesthetic. If there was one decade that seems to be revisited more often than the rest, it’s the beloved ‘80s. From crop tops to leg warmers and shoulder pads and metallic color schemes, the era brought about fashion experimentation that continues to inspire us to this very day.

Other than the previously mentioned, here are just a few of the trends that prove that we are reliving the best fashion decade:

Harem Pants

Photo from Pinterest, Bohemian Traders

Not a lot of people would have imagined that MC Hammer’s parachute pants would make it out of the ‘80s, but this drop crotch silhouette did. Worn on both men and women at the time, the harem pant leg is a favourite among fashionistas who are tired of the skinny cut. They’re not the easiest trend to pull off, however plenty of fashion bloggers have come up with numerous outfit tips to show readers that they are a very forgiving clothing item, and as Yes Style has indicated, they complement most body types.



This time period was nothing short of flashy with all the glitter dresses and sequined tops that gave women that undeniable sparkle factor. After a while, they were deemed as tacky, but thanks to leading fashion designers, sequins are back with a vengeance. The key to pulling off this style is to stick to one statement piece and pairing it with basic items.



Although spandex isn’t something we wear so publicly as we did in the ‘80s, we can’t deny that the colourful leggings that we see nowadays are rather nostalgic of the neon leotards popularized by icons Cher and Richard Simmons, as iterated by Good Housekeeping. At the beginning of the athleisure trend, most people opted for standard leggings in basic hues. But as more people embraced functional fashion, fashionistas are shopping for psychedelic yoga bottoms and finding ways to incorporate them into daily streetwear.



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As movies like the romantic drama Flashdance by Adrian Lyne and 80s tribute games like Neon Staxx by Slingo have indicated, the decade was dominated by big hairstyles and shoulder padding. It was definitely the era of hair, the days when we considered bigger hair to be better, made possible with lots of hairspray, crimpers, and the iconic scrunchy. Scrunchies lasted all the way into the ‘90s, disappearing in the 2000s but have once again have re-emerged as a fashion forward hair accessory. High ponytails are now being styled in top knots and high ponytails, as seen on the likes of JLo and Selena Gomez.


Denim Jackets

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Oversized jean jackets were all the rage in the ‘80s, which were worn over almost every outfit and covered in pins and patches. Loose chambray shirts have become a wardrobe staple and bold denim jackets are now the choice casual outerwear for the stars, but mainly for Miley Cyrus who owns a stonewashed jacket and has rocked an all denim outfit with fake flowers on The Voice.

What’s your favourite ‘80s trend?


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