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I am joining Cravings & Connections, a 4 week group starting May 9th in San Diego for women that will focus on the emotional components of eating, un-complicating the relationship with food/body image, and healing the self from within – and I would love for you to join me!

This group is for the everyday woman looking to understand her cravings and food habits better. The group will be led by Kristy Malone (a Marriage and Family Therapist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and Rachel Freeman (Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Nutritional Therapy Consultant), who have seen first-hand how women hide their emotion and suffering in their food habits.

I am so excited and ready to dig deeper into my routines and habits to highlight and reflect on why I do the things I do. In return, I will be prepared to live more successfully and in line with my positive goals. To think that it starts with food is so perfect. What can be deemed so simple can also be unpacked into an emotional web!

Live in San Diego and interested in joining me and learning all my dark secrets? Cravings & Connections is giving $20 off to any REVUE reader! Originally $119 for the month program, you can sign up for $99 – just mention that REVUE by scout sent you.

SIGN UP DEADLINE: This coming Friday, May 5th.

If you miss the deadline but are still interested in Cravings & Connections, you can sign up for the next group which will be starting shortly after this month’s session! Best part? REVUE’s discounted rate will still apply.

Sign up here for discounted rate of $99:

For a breakdown of the program:

• Week 1 | Explore your relationship with food and your body. Examine your self-talk and understand the origin of your inner narrative as it relates to food and emotions.
• Week 2 | Connect with your body’s cues, understand and deconstruct your cravings, and learn how to tap into your body’s innate wisdom.
• Week 3 | Learn the physiology and psychology of eating. Understanding the gut-brain connection and how stress impacts digestion.
• Week 4 | Flourish as you reconstruct your new narrative about eating and your body. Learn strategies to detoxify all aspects of your life.
**A note from Cravings & Connections: 

The Tuesday Cravings & Connections group is FULL, but based on demand we opened up a Thursday morning group. This group will meet Thursdays from 10-11:30 am starting May 11th, ending on June 1st. Space is limited as we are intentionally creating an intimate, collaborative setting. The cost will be $119 per person ($99 per person for REVUE readers), and the location is 10720 Thornmint Rd Suite B, San Diego. To reserve your spot please visit or contact!

Ready to uncover your cravings?





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