Brooklyn Girl is the traditional American-cuisine style restaurant with that modern flare you crave for Saturday’s dinner date.


In an age of homogenized restaurants that are tailored for the digital, Brooklyn Girl breathes the air of wholesome dining – built to enjoy the here and now – while still infusing accents of modernity into the dining experience. In other words, if you’re young, trendy and live on Instagram, Brooklyn Girl has your fix with chandeliers hanging in bird cages, paintings of Woody Allen and items on the menu like Mushroom Toast. If you’re looking for a perfectly dim-lit ambiance and an intimate yet social setting to eat a steak and connect with your peers or romantic partner, Brooklyn Girl is also your go-to with a brick wall store front and classic black and white stripe awnings.


It bridges the two worlds seamlessly, reminding us that things can stay both relevant and traditional. And that perhaps things should.  



My fiancé and I ventured into Brooklyn Girl this past Saturday for our weekly date night. Arriving at 7 pm, the industrial style space with high ceilings felt warm with the balance of rustic, eclectic decorations and the buzzing chatter of guests. Seated at a booth towards the right back-end of the restaurant, I had the perfect view of the night’s activity.


FIRST, let’s chat about the food!



Brooklyn Girl has an Oyster Bar – which I feel should be mandatory in most restaurants since I could shoot oysters like candy. We had to start with half a dozen oysters! The red vinegar sauce is always my favorite. Just a few drops will do the job. Then, we ordered the Mushroom Toast from the Specials Menu – one of their more trendy and modern items. Served on whole wheat toast, it came with two portions which made it perfect for sharing. The seasoning on the mushrooms really showcased the natural, fresh taste allowing the mushrooms to stand out on their own – just the way I like it.


For our entrée, we ordered the Argentinian Style Gaucho Steak.  When Adam and I took our first bite, our eyes began to widen, our faces lit up and my exact words while still chewing were, “This is like butter.” Before we even dug into it, we knew we were about to enjoy a serious meal. If you follow along on my IG Story, I filmed the steak when it came out and notified you all that Adam and I had just “hit the mother-lode.” The steak comes from Aspen Ridge Ranch – organic, grass-fed, etc. It was served with smashed fingerling potatoes, grilled rapini, and Chimichurri sauce. Adam couldn’t figure out which was his favorite – the smashed fingerling potatoes or the steak. I say the steak won, but that’s just me.


For dessert we got the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding because it reminded Adam of his grandmother (also great throwback to traditional Brooklyn!). I am a huge bread pudding fan in general – it hits that warm desert craving spot by being rich but not too rich. They served the bread pudding with a swirl of whipped cream on top and a side of a bourbon creme glaze. The creme glaze really made the dessert. It added that sweet indulging factor to the bread pudding and soaked up the bread just a bit. Needless to say, Adam was in heaven.



If you go to Brooklyn Girl and choose to forgo my recommendations of oysters, the mushroom toast and the bread pudding, do yourself a favor and order the steak – it also served as our waitress’ favorite dish and the owners raved about it as well (if you needed more convincing).


Brooklyn Girl sits in Mission Hills on Goldfinch in San Diego and has a recognizable storefront that sprawls almost half a block. Brick walls, classic awnings, and even little dining spaces to eat outside – Brooklyn Girl is not here to be discreetly discovered. Brooklyn Girl is here to be shown – and, we liked what we saw!


Trying new restaurants for date night is always one of our favorite things to do. Saturday night was cozy but trendy, traditional yet modern. By 9 pm, the Saturday night crowd had arrived and the earlier buzzing we heard as we walked in was now replaced with a night-out energy.



On our next visit, we will be visiting on Sundays since they have $22 Steak Sundays!! Yes, Steak Sundays is now a thing in our books.
Thank you so much for a beautiful evening, Brooklyn Girl! The night felt just as new, relevant and modern as it did cozy, traditional and like home.
Any more Brooklyn Girl fans out there?!



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