Designer Katarzyna Rosales of Kasia Jewelry Talks 2017 Trends and Engagement Rings

Let’s start with the fact that Kasia Jewelry’s website has an “Alternative Bridal” tab which is giving me all sorts of life. This tab so encompasses Katarzyna Rosales’ design aesthetic as the designer and founder of Kasia Jewelry.

Each piece of Kasia Jewelry looks unique, custom, and fine. There is little room here for the standard and the norm – and for that, I cannot help but celebrate and lust after each piece. From her everyday boutique necklaces to her diamond stackable bands, Kasia Jewelry is for the woman with a light inside that is begging to be whimsical, romantic, unique, against the grain, and strong.

Interviewing Katarzyna Rosales was a treat. As you will see below, her jewelry making began as a therapeutic practice and has since grown into a successful business. Her 2017 trends, best sellers, and love for jewelry will have you rethinking the way you accessorize your jewels.

1. How did you fall in love with jewelry and start building a business around designing jewelry?

I was always into fashion but never did I see myself having a full time career out of it. My BA was in business – Hotel & Restaurant Management to be exact. While that field of study doesn’t have too much to do with jewelry, it certainly has added some valuable business lessons along the way.

I was first taught basic jewelry skills by helping a friend with some wire wrapping. After moving to Santa Barbara, I found myself making jewelry as a form of therapy that helped me coping with life’s difficulties. Soon, strangers started inquiring about the pieces and then not too long after that, I landed my first big account with Four Seasons Resorts. The rest is history…things started taking off rapidly right after.

2. What type of girl wears Kasia Jewelry?

The one who can appreciate the finer things in life with a more delicate nature. Stylish but never a fashion victim.

3. What is your favorite type of jewelry to make?

They’re all different and unique in nature. Boutique is different than fine in terms of process of fabrication. If I had to choose one, creating custom pieces from start to finish and watching the vision turn into an incredible piece is what I enjoy the most.

4. What is your current favorite piece you sell?

So many! Ernea Earrings & Astro Ring are my current obsession. Think Summer and gorgeous lagoon colors.

5. When it comes to engagement rings, what is the best piece of advice you can offer?

Be unique if that’s what feels genuine. Don’t necessarily follow the trends. Stay true to your personal style.

6. What is your creative process when creating jewelry?

When designing custom pieces I love to burn my favorite incense, put on Jazz and let my mind wonder.

7. What is something people might not know about Kasia Jewelry?

That everywhere we travel, I doodle ideas on everything I can (napkins being the mostly used) and then staple it into my design notebook upon return.

8. What is your current best seller?

Stackable rings and wedding bands.

9. What is your favorite piece of jewelry or favorite stone? And why?

Rings and raw diamonds. You get to see rings on your hands at all time. In terms of the stone, the one of a kind uniqueness of each and every raw diamond is always a treasure to find.

10. What are your favorite jewelry trends of 2017?

Asymmetry and clusters.

11. What does Jewelry mean to you?

It means a whole lot. There’s something very fulfilling in creating beautiful things. Perhaps the world we currently live in needs more of that or perhaps it is the joy on people’s faces when the project is complete. It is hard to choose, but those would be the staples behind my love for what I do.


Visit Kasia Jewelry here. 



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