The Simple Question That Can Change Your Life

As many of you know, I attended Oprah’s SuperSoul Session last week (you can catch the general recap here) and one of the main practices I have placed into action immediately is the idea of asking yourself:


This idea of discipline versus disappointment was a quick point Tony Robbins had made during his speech as a sort of after thought and answer to a question. However, it provided me with that “aha” moment – it stuck, it bombarded my chest, it wavered through my mind, and all I remember thinking was – it is THAT simple.

When I think of the list of things I want to do in life or when I thought of the list of things I had been trying to accomplish just in the past two weeks that I hadn’t taken action towards, I realized I was acting with disappointment instead of discipline.

So, let’s take a simple example.

The other day, I said I would go to the gym at 9:15 am. When 8:45 am rolled around, I had two decisions: Should I practice discipline and go to the gym to better myself? Or should I practice disappointment and stay home choosing my comfort zone?

I disappointed myself that day. Even if it didn’t feel like it – it rather felt like a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to go feel the burn in my quads for 45 minutes – when it comes down to it, I disappointed myself.

We disappoint ourselves on a regular basis because it keeps us in our comfort zone and away from potential harm or painful growth. Our brains are wired on survival mode (says Tony Robbins) – so the gym, which is going to be difficult and technically hurt, is a little red flag for our brains. “Stay at home! On the couch! You are safe there!”

When you start to realize that your brain disappointing you is its main mode (this is key for procrastinators!), you have to take control. Instead of acting from a place of fear, act from a place of strength.

Choose discipline.

Wearing a BC The Label Dress

Since hearing this boxing match of discipline vs. disappointment, I started asking myself to choose one as I went through each checklist of my to-do list.

Organize your files: do you choose discipline or disappointment?

Clean your office: do you choose discipline or disappointment?

Cook dinner tonight at home instead of eating out: do you choose discipline or disappointment?

Yesterday, I chose discipline every time and crossed off items on my to-do list that had been sitting there, glaring at me with anxiety and disappointment for the past two weeks.

Because when you truly ask yourself: DISCIPLINE OR DISAPPOINTMENT? There is only one answer that sounds appealing and that is discipline.

Essentially, do you want to be strong or do you want to be weak?

With such simplicity comes great power. If you ask yourself this question before doing anything you could or would otherwise put off (going to the gym, eating healthy, cleaning your house, running that errand), you will find yourself acting with a sense of purpose, focus, and strength if you choose discipline.

For me, this simple question of choosing between discipline or disappointment has empowered and strengthened me. The simplicity of it and convenience of it makes it a practical tool. Once you begin to ask this question in the face of tasks you don’t want to do, the two spectrum choice begins to stick with you, haunting the back of your brain and thoughts.

And if you are in a real warrior-mood, find a dress that fits you like a glove and wear it as your armor. Example: this black asymmetrical BC The Label dress that cinched at my waist in all the right places has me feeling confident, powerful, and sexy. I may or may not channel Wonder Woman when gallivanting in this silhouette because it is easier to pick DISCIPLINE when you are dressed with confidence.

And, on a final thought, why disappoint yourself?

Choose discipline. Choose strength.



Photos by Arielle Levy.



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