Engagement Party Recap

Hello, hello, hello!

If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that my fiancé and I celebrated our engagement party last month. After a year of being engaged (we are doing a 2 year engagement – you can see our engagement photos here!), it felt as if the time was finally here to jump into wedding mode. And the party did not disappoint.

We had our entire family and close friends there – Adam’s siblings even flew out from the East Coast which was so special. We have a big community so there was close to 100 people at the party and my dad is the best chef in town with a specific love for fish so the spread was out of control. All in all – everything was over the top filled with love. Definitely a lot of “L’Chaims!”




The party was catered by Wild Thyme Company and there was everything from a taco stand, to mac-n-cheese, to sliders. We had a huge fish spread from Catalina Offshore – think oysters, toro, sashimi, tuna, avocado rolls…the list goes on.

If you know anything about a party at my dad’s house, it’s the following: there is an abundance of the best food you’ll ever eat and there’s a bunch of insanely fresh sashimi (or oysters or calamari or poke or lobster…you know, casual).

Our engagement party received no less attention when it came to the food.

The party was at my uncle’s bay house that serves as one of his bay side properties that he rents out as a vacation rental. It’s a party house – sleek, modern, mirrors everywhere. Sort of Bachelor Pad meets Miami Vice – and we have been throwing our family celebrations there since I was 13! In a way, that house has become a sort of celebration home base for our family.

Everyone mingled, drank, and ate the entire night.



The dress I wore was a special one. You know when you try on an outfit and know something special is caging you – not like armor or a safety net, per say – but something that elevates you so high in your mind and the way you see things, that your body and your inspiration become one? The dress I wore for my engagement party was made for me. I felt like the only person in the world who had ever and would ever wear that dress. I cried when I put it on and saw myself in the mirror – because sometimes things remind you of how beautiful and lucky you truly are. This dress summed up everything: my self-confidence, my inspirational aspirations, the beauty around me, and the gratitude I have for my family who has decided to celebrate Adam and I in a way I couldn’t have imagined or felt I deserved. This dress was everything that night.

And because I couldn’t leave without telling you details: the dress was Rebecca Vallance and I purchased from Pink Lagoon in Solona Beach. I got my hair done at Dry Bar and my makeup done at Mac in Nordstrom. I went for a super natural look, nude lip, and bold cat eye, letting the dress steal the show.

Also, did I mention I drank too much tequila? Because I was the queen of tequila that night – and let me remind you, I drink hard alcohol maybe twice a year. So yes, a dance party to 90s music ensued after the majority of the guests left.

A huge, huge thank you to the hosts of the party: My father, E, my mother, and step father. They put on a party that is starting our wedding year off with such a bang – filled with love, good food, good company, and large amounts of celebration! I have to take a step back when I realize how lucky I truly got with my family.

Thank you for showing me how to create a good life and then how to enjoy it.

Our engagement party was party vibes with all of our family and close friends – we were so ready to start this year off with a bang!! Adam and I are now looking forward to switching gears for our wedding, which will be a romantic, garden party ambiance.

I always say to never pass up on a celebration – no matter how big or small the occasion or milestone is. Life is too short to not be surrounded by your family and friends dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing.

Next up: bridal shower!



Photography by Joshua David Levi 


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