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When our full batch of engagement photos came in, Adam and I were gushing over them for days. First off, I was so impatient to receive them (a very common theme in my life). I would come home every day and tell Adam, “They could come this week, any moment now!” Of course, I was optimistic/probably unrealistic about my timeline.

But when they finally came, I looked over the entire album about 50 times and then sent them to EVERYONE. Sometimes, I just can’t sit with good or exciting news.

Thank you to Jamie Street of Rad & In Love Photography! The sweetest, most talented photographer – she knew how to calm the awkward photoshoot nerves and how to extract the love right out. I am so thrilled she will be shooting our wedding since her aesthetic matches our combined personalities as a couple and love perfectly.


Hair flip, naturally bringing some sass.
Hair flip, naturally bringing some sass.

So, the photo session was only an hour and a half and at the beginning, I was pretty freaking nervous and awkward. There’s a camera in my face watching me make out with my fiancé? I was tense, stressed – I had an hour and a half to make these shots look great.

So what did Jamie do?

She jumped on the couch with Adam and said, “I am going to cuddle your fiancé right now.” And she did! She cuddled him, then looked at me and said, “Do you see how I am positioned right here? I need you to do the exact same thing.”

I burst up laughing. Total ice breaker and it showed me exactly how to pose!

This one makes me melt!!!


So, once I loosened up a bit, the entire shoot became not only fun, but a complete bonding session for Adam and me. Suddenly, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other! We were kissing all over the damn place.

Ok, let’s chat location! We took photos at our dear friend and artist Brittany Segal‘s house – craftsmen style, warm, artistic, romantic.

Check out the vibe here:


Then, we changed and went to the Cactus Garden in Balboa Park – a hidden gem that I had no idea existed until our photographer recommended. In case you don’t know, I love a good cactus.

These photos were more formal; a little more glamorous, a little more official.

Check out the vibe here:

_f7a2418 _f7a2358 _f7a2286 _f7a2490 Outfit Details? Let’s chat.

The mini dress was from Forever 21. You can find a similar one here.

The white off the shoulder dress is from Flynn Skye. You can find it here.

All in all? Engagement photo shoot success. I think I am ready for the real thing now 🙂

But before I go…just one more…

Yessssss! Princess Lola for the win!






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