Episode #10: Marketing Guru Lisa Kendall Chats Women in the Boardroom & How to Start Your Marketing Firm

Ohhhhh this episode of PODCAST by scout is one of my favorites!

Let’s start with the fact that my guest is Lisa Kendall, an extremely successful business woman who launched her own marketing firm in 2010.

The marketing tips and business advice she dishes out is unreal and quite the inspiration for someone like me hustling to create a brand and business of my own.

But shop is not all we talk about…

Here are some main focal points of the episode:

Being the only woman in the board room

The decision to not have kids & the dreaded biological clock

How to start your own marketing firm

What tools you can implement today to help your small business

How to be a strong woman in business

The wage gap and how women can close it

How to get married abroad (specifically in Italy)

Why custom packages may be your marketing company’s best friend

And it goes on…

Did I mention that I unleash my inner feminist?! I got a bit heated so I reigned things in and switched gears to chat about weddings! Although who are we kidding? Being a feminist is my natural state.

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ALSO, any bride-to-bes out there?! I am compiling a WEDDING only episode of PODCAST by scout and want to answer any and all of your questions. I am a proud anti-bride (I mix traditional and untraditional aesthetics to curate the day). Send away to my email or shoot me a DM 🙂

Happy listening!

by scout


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