Episode #23: Tips & Tricks to Stay Happy

Hello listeners!

This week’s episode is a follow up to Episode #17 where I came out as living with bipolar disorder.  I dish out all of my tips, tricks, and coping mechanisms I employ when my mind isn’t working with me. After listing my top five coping mechanisms, I do a follower Q&A where I get into my morning and night routine and how to tell your family and friends you are suffering.

This episode is by no means limited to those suffering with a mental illness. Most of the topics I discuss are applicable to everybody’s daily life because, after all, bettering oneself is a life long pursuit.

In this episode we cover:


Discipline or Disappointment


Support Groups

Support Systems

Serenity Prayer


Coping Mechanisms When Things Go Wrong

How To Tell Your Loved Ones You Are Suffering

How To Set Your Day Up For Success

Morning Routine

Night Routine


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by scout


Scout is the curator and Editor-in-Chief of REVUE by scout. When not fostering REVUE, you can catch Scout reading, writing, out for lunch with friends, or cuddling on the couch with her fiancé and puppy Lola. Scout comes from both the digital and print publishing worlds with experience that ranges from operational to creative. Experience her aesthetic world with REVUE.

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