Episode #9: Danielle Blum on Intuitive Business Coaching & Finding Your Purpose

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Episode #9 features an intuitive business coach, Danielle Blum, who has founded and built Wild Awakening: Female Leaders Mastermind and World Nativ – platforms that connects individuals who are looking to find their true purpose in business or in life.

We chat all about spiritual business and the rewards of listening to your intuition. Danielle Blum has a well of information. After traveling the world, she discovered her purpose and helps others do the same.

For the ladies who are looking to find their true purpose with the support of other like-minded women, Danielle Blum’s digital group Wild Awakening: Female Leaders Mastermind is about to launch! Please sign up here.

Time to mastermind and time to connect, not only to your true purpose but with others seeking the same thing.

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