What Are You Going to Focus on Today?

So I need a little reset. A little detox. A little flushing out. Of my mind and thoughts.

My mind is currently filled with ideas rooted in fear instead of in a hopeful flow. And when your mind is rooted in fear, the outside circumstances of your life also greet you with a tainted negativity.

I know that when my mind feels good, my outside life feels good too. So in an effort to reset the climate of my thoughts, I felt the topic of FOCUS would be beneficial.

Focusing your mind on one topic or another has the power to significantly change your course of action or the discourse of your day.

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.” – Brian Tracy


If we continue to focus our thoughts on the things we fear the most – rejection, being vulnerable, failing, losing a loved one, being our true self – than we move with an automatic fear which then in turn takes over the decisions of our lives.

If we are afraid of failing, we make a decision based off of fear: I will not start that business I have always dreamed of because the odds are against me, I will most likely fail, and people will think my idea is stupid.

If we choose to focus on a long-term goal that involves success and our highest dreams with confidence and gratitude, we make decisions based off of courage and desire: I will start the business I have always dreamed of! There will be challenges along the way, but I am certain that in 5 years my business will be flourishing.

With your decision based in courage, you take a risk towards your dreams. And even if that business does not work out, it will lead you to your next decision and your next until you are finally at the point where you are doing exactly what you are destined to be doing – flowing with such passion and ease.

If you look back on your life having taken the decision based in fear, your life will have not moved forward, you will not have progressed or grown, and you will most likely be working a mediocre job dreaming of a life you are too afraid to act upon.

Fear has the power to change ONE decision that can shift an entire life course. Which means one thing – YOU have the power to focus on things that shift your life course towards your 5-year or 10-year longterm plan.

Which means, that at this point I can too.

I have a few exercises that I keep handy for when my brain gets overcome with fear. These exercises let me see the big picture for what it really is. If the only thing holding me back is fear, I will literally say out loud to myself;

“Not acting because of fear is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard in my life and I hold myself to a higher standard. I do NOT have time for fear right now.”

If your brain is a little too clouded with fear, here are a few things you can ask yourself right now to help steer your thoughts towards your success versus your avoidance of life.

  1. Say your thought out loud and then ask yourself: Is this thought coming from a place of fear or a place of love? Is this thought SERVING ME? If your thought is coming from a place of fear and isn’t serving your life recognize that. Then, reverse the thought to reflect love, hope, and belief in yourself. 
  2. If your thoughts are clouded with negativity and fear, write down five things you are grateful for. Gratitude to combat negativity is always the stronger force. 
  3. If fear is the ONLY reason you can think of NOT to do something that would otherwise yield positive results if successful (starting your own venture, professing your feelings to someone you love, picking up that hobby) then you owe it to yourself to push fear aside and do it.
  4. Think of a goal that if accomplished would make you satisfied and happy – such as cleaning your house, taking dance lessons, etc – and focus on the amount of pleasure and fulfillment you would feel if you moved forward with these goals. Then move forward and only focus on the final step and pleasure of your goal: completing it.

So for today, I will be focusing on success within my career, expressing love and gratitude for the surplus of blessings I currently have in my life, and only taking positive steps towards my 5-10-15 year plan. Anything else just doesn’t have a place in my day.

What will you be focusing on today? Remember: we might not have control of outside and external circumstances in our lives, but we DO have control over what we focus on.



Photos by Arielle Levy.



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