How to Fall in Love With Mornings; The Romantic Edition

So you’re not a morning person. Your alarms go off and you hit snooze multiple times causing the loud ringtone to repeat itself nonstop. Your lights turn on, your curtains come up, and you just hide under your covers avoiding the light. Sound familiar?

According to, research shows that morning people are more proactive – and we are all for proactivity. 

Ready to fall in love with morning? We have a few tricks up our sleeve. 

1. Stick to the Plan!


Arm of the Seine near Giverny at Sunrise Claude Monet – 1897

Going to bed early and waking up early can be the product of good time-management, which creates a better sleeping-environment and routine. In order to get all of your tasks done during the day, plan it out in advance. Something as simple as writing down a reminder to keep your curtains up throughout the night will help to ease your morning with natural light. Instead of hiding under your sheets once your curtains go up, be the person who welcomes in the entrance of sunlight.

2. Sleep, Wake-up, Repeat


Tom Thomson, Morning, c. 1915,

To go along with planning, make sure that you stay on a daily schedule. Instead of going to sleep at different times each night as well as waking up at different times each morning, try to fall asleep and wake up around the same times every day. By scheduling your sleep patterns, it will be easier for your body to get used to waking up early every morning.

3. Snooze


William Wendt, Morning Light,

*RING, RING, RING…hits snooze 5 times* Instead of hitting snooze, or setting 10 alarms to wake up, set your phone a few feet away from your bed forcing you to get out of bed to shut it off. By doing so, your body will have to get used to getting up every morning around the same time in order to turn off your annoying alarms.

With a stress-free sleep, your curtains open, and your alarm on the opposite side of your room, waking up early will already be way easier.

4. Action Time


“Venice, Looking East from the Guidecca, Sunrise”, 1819, William Turner,

Once you finally get up to turn your alarms off, start your day off by being productive. This may include going on a walk, drinking some cold water, washing your face, or making your bed.  A simple action, such as making your bed, will force your body to feel productive. Plus, who wants to get back into a bed that’s already perfectly made??

5. Romantic Morning Setting


Sunrise by Roy Lichtenstein, 1965.

Change your mindset to a more desiring outlook. Try to take in the romantic elements of the morning rather than stressing about the non-existent problems of the day. Fall in love with the refreshing aspects of the morning that create a sense of awakening. Grab a book, sit outside, and enjoy the crisp air that floats around during sunrise. Waking up in the morning with positive thoughts will be reflected upon throughout your entire day.


Featured Image: The Black Current by  Yokoyama  Taikan 1940,

Sofia Gabay

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