Independent Magazines for the Woman With Creative Sensibilities

I would be lying to you if I said my magazine obsession is a new, budding romance waiting to be archived and sealed. Magazines were my first escape from reality, my first real flirt with creative foresight. It started with Teen Vogue and quickly expanded and grew into titles such as Elle and Vogue. And then I ventured to independent magazines.

Independent Magazines are my escape from the mainstream. While I enjoy a good monthly mag, independent publications exist to break new aesthetic and cultural bounds.

If you love a good layout, an avant-garde outfit, a poetic read, and insane foresight, these eight magazines are for you.

1. Darling Magazine

Photo from Darling website, Issue No. 18, Compassion

As strong as it is subtle, Darling Magazine celebrates the different types of women: the intellectual, the hostess, the dreamer, the confidant, the stylist, the explorer, the beautician, and the achiever. Their online articles range from explaining the stock market to highlighting women in the tequila industry to mental health’s taboo subject of anti-depressants. The quarterly magazine takes on themes such as Time, Complexity, and Passion, and have featured women such as Rashida Jones and America Ferrera.

This 360 look at “The Art of Being a Woman” – their appropriate and refreshing tag line – makes Darling Magazine a woman’s best friend.

Oh, also they have a #RealNotRetouched campaign which strives to change the photoshopped era of fashion magazines. None of the women in their magazines have been retouched. You know, in case you needed more convincing.

To visit Darling Magazine, click here. 


2. The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman’s current issue featuring Sofia Coppola

The Gentlewoman is for the woman with intellectual and cultural purpose. In the pages of The Gentlewoman, you will find real modern women featured in a fresh and intelligent way. Personal style sits at the epicenter of The Gentlewoman with a sort of effortless glamour.

This biannual magazine has featured women such as Sofia Copolla, Zadie Smith, Bjork, and Beyonce – all leading women in today’s cultural zeitgeist.

The Gentlewoman’s online presence is minimal, as it keeps its main voice to print. However, you can find details of their club, which hosts events and meet-ups for readers, their library of profiles from their print issues, and a shop where you can purchase current and back issues.

To visit The Gentlewoman, please click here. 



Issue of RUSSH

RUSSH is for the innovative woman who loves a twist and finds common ground between fashion, art, and beauty. This bi-monthly magazine is for those who find comfort in trend-forecasting while staying rooted in the present, no matter the avant-garde details. Taking a creative approach to beauty? Yes, please.

Visit RUSSH here for both their digital content and physical magazine.


4.  Womankind

Current issue of Womankind.

Womankind provides a dialogue about contemporary culture, challenging it with their commentary on “culture, creativity, philosophy, and nature.” This quarterly-issue magazine will help you explore your self and your identity in today’s age.

Aesthetically, each cover is a collage of sorts featuring women from history, such as the Mona Lisa. It is just as beautifully bound as it is intellectually important, making it both food for your soul and your mind.

Visit Womankind here.



BARE’s second issue.

Bare cannot be contained to one city, one country, or even one continent. This new magazine’s editorial team is spanned across the globe: Los Angeles, New York City, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Montana. Their content is raw, to say the least. Stripped of the media facade, Bare brings storytelling to its essence: realism and simplicity. No illusions here. Just the search for truth.

Visit Bare here.



Vol 14 of SUITCASE Magazine

SUITCASE Magazine is approaching travel from an adventurous, creative, and entrepreneurial lens. Gone is the unattainable luxury. SUITCASE ushers in a new age of travel – one that also intertwines with fashion.

SUITCASE‘s quarterly issues will let you know what to pack, see, and do. For the travel-hearted, SUITCASE is for you.

Visit SUITCASE here. 


7. The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent’s Limited Edition Hardcover Copy of Their First Issue Featuring Tavi Gevinson

The Great Discontent is an archive of interviews featuring women and men that are blazing their way through innovation and creativity. If you are looking to be inspired by your peers and your role models, The Great Discontent gives the inside look into what makes people tick, dream, achieve, and do. Perfect for any entrepreneur or girl boss.

Visit The Great Discontent here. 


8. Purple Fashion Magazine

Consider Purple Fashion the bible of independent fashion magazines. This bi-annual publication is always debuted as a thick, heavy, monumental archive of fashion. Only the most cutting edge and relevant artists, designers, and creatives are featured. Opening Purple is almost like entering the VIP section of the hippest bar in the middle of Paris where there was already an impressive guest list for the public section. With their finger on the pulse for all things art and fashion, this magazine is one to collect.

Visit Purple Fashion magazine here


**Featured Image is a layout of The Gentlewoman‘s latest issue, from The Gentlewoman‘s website. 



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