10 Things I Learned From My Dad

My father is my foundation. He helps me navigate adulthood while also in support of me fostering the talents, skills, and passions I want to pursue. He worked his way as an entrepreneur so that my sister and I could have options and choices and better yet, the privilege of curiosity.

When I think of the relationship my father and I have, I know it is not one that most fathers have with their daughters. It is not uncommon for my dad and I to be in contact throughout the day – checking in, sending each other food pictures, asking what the plan for the day is, etc. Not many fathers call their daughters up and say, “I have a big thing of fruit salad, and tuna salad, and cauliflower salad, and some fresh squeezed orange juice – and if you want, I have two steaks you can freeze for later…want me to make you a bag?” on a regular basis.

That’s my dad.

When I am having a rough time or not feeling my best, he is there to make sure my fridge is stocked and that I have what I need to get back on the saddle.

My dad taught me that family comes first.

He taught me a lot of things. A lot of valuable, important things. A lot of these gems of advice have helped me get to where I am and have given me the vision I need for my future.

I have rounded up all the things I have learned from my father:

1. When you work hard and are smart with your money, you can create an amazing life.

2. Rational decisions should sometimes overweigh emotional decisions.

3. Every adult scenario possible – from having a mutual fund to how buying a house works to how taxes work. He is always the first call I make when I have questions.

4. You should work hard for the things you receive in life.

5. You should also enjoy life to the fullest and never underestimate the cure of good friends and family, a spread of delicious food, Carlos Santana, and a shot of tequila or two.

6. I should pursue my dreams – and pursue them passionately.

7. Family is everything in life. Without family, we do not have the support to individually excel.

8. I am deeply loved.

9. I will always be okay.

10. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, THAT’S AMORE.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you!

by scout



Scout is the curator and Editor-in-Chief of REVUE by scout. When not fostering REVUE, you can catch Scout reading, writing, out for lunch with friends, or cuddling on the couch with her fiancé and puppy Lola. Scout comes from both the digital and print publishing worlds with experience that ranges from operational to creative. Experience her aesthetic world with REVUE.

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