Let’s Raise Our Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

God this TED talk hits home for me.

Cameron Herald touches upon so many behavioral traits that I had growing up and that I so aggressively have now. I found entrepreneurship when I was twenty-two, but I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now if highlighting entrepreneurial traits in kids was applauded and encouraged when I was twelve, fourteen, eighteen, etc.

While the academic system bored me, creating things of my own did not. I remember the first time I got the entrepreneurial bug – it was the first day I decided to start my own print magazine which would then go on to be sold in Barnes & Noble and newsstands across the United States. It was as if a magnetic pull was forcing me to work with passion and intensity. Since that day, I knew I could never work for anyone again. I was an entrepreneur and suddenly, entrepreneurship became my cure for any emotional, personal, or life issue that hit me in the face.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Cameron Herald. If this resonates with you, you are about to feel as if you belong.

Happy viewing.

by scout


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