Your À La Mode Guide to LA’s Coffee Shop Scene

A cup of coffee. What do those four words make you think of? Sure, you could think of a plain cup of coffee, but why not think of a specific mug, café, taste, or barista? What makes your specific cup of coffee SO good?

Great coffee can not be systemized. It requires a crafted barista, a great location, and a correct amount of potency and flavor. EVERYTHING needs to feel “right” in the environment that your coffee is served in.

These 10 Los Angeles coffee shops are sure to provide the perfect cappuccino-sipping ambiance.


1. Intelligentsia on Abbot Kinney

In 1995, in a populated town in Chicago, people were blessed with the amazing coffee from Intelligentsia. Partnering with Pete’s Coffee, Intelligentsia has raised the bar for all cafés. With lots of space to work, eat, and enjoy the environment, this shop brews its own coffee and makes extravagant flavored pastries for its line of customers.


2. Menotti’s in Venice

With only one shop in LA for 4 years, Menotti’s blows minds away with its unique coffee. This small café creates a mixture that combines an original sweetener created in house with a less bitter tasting coffee. Taking on a smaller location could be very difficult, but this café fills the whole space up with good vibes, trendy music, and kind baristas.


3. Cielo Espresso in Santa Monica (Ocean Park)

“Good coffee is an act of kindness,” written on the wall of Cielo Café. How could you not feel comfortable in a café with a statement like that written in large letters? While sitting in Cielo, you will feel as if you are sitting in Europe with a rich coffee in your hands. Their European surroundings help create an environment unlike any other.


4. Two Guns in El Segundo (Downtown)

Do you trust coffee from a place named after a weapon? For the people living in the small town of El Segundo, the customers know their baristas and feel more than comfortable in this environment. The name of the café refers to a “double-shot” espresso that has quite the distinguishable taste. With a menu full of unique flavors and delicious breakfast items, the coffee is not all Two Guns perfects.


5. The Boy and the Bear in Redondo Beach

A small coffee could fix any relationship between a boy and a boy, a bear and a bear, or even a boy and a bear. This café contains a large space for people to engage, interact, and enjoy their coffee in a simplistic way.


6. Caffé Luxxe in Santa Monica (Wilshire)

When walking into this café, the first thing you should do is look up. Interesting, right? If you look up immediately, you may have a plethora of reactions. Look above your head, and you’ll see bicycles hanging all over the ceiling. The unique and trendy vibes of the vintage-looking bikes form a creative atmosphere for people to trust the coffee that is brewing and brew their own ideas from every sip they take.


7. Blue Butterfly in El Segundo (Downtown)


With a large variety of drink options, Blue Butterfly makes it easy for any person to enjoy any drink they want (whether it be caffeinated or not). This café holds a more playful and interactive environment with board games set around the café at every table. Seating and space involves a small patio area perfect for a sunny day or an indoor area perfect for making new friends.


8. Verve in West Hollywood

Verve has the best setting to enjoy a small coffee in a larger space. With comfortable seating and flavor-filled coffee, the surroundings of this environment are perfect for people who need a place to work in. Even if you are not a coffee-lover, they have refreshing teas as well as unique pastries such as a peanut butter and jelly croissant.


9. Go Get ‘Em Tiger in Los Angeles

Hungry AND thirsty? With a large menu of interesting food items, this café creates meals that will make your taste buds go insane. In this space, there are baseball references as well as helpful and kind baristas.


10. Blue Bottle in Venice

Need a quick pit-stop to grab a coffee? Blue Bottle is perfect for that task due to their fast baristas and pre-made cold brew and refrigerated coffees.







Sofia Gabay

Sofia is an aspiring writer who hopes to influence and motivate people through her creative pieces of writing. When she is not writing for REVUE, Sofia is engaged in learning from teachers, including Scout, dancing with her closest friends, as well as enjoying different flavors of meals with her family and friends.

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