Monday Morning Musing: How to Prioritize Your Weekends


Another week, another opportunity to grow, grow, grow yourself or your business. At least that is how I view my Mondays.

But instead of talking about the week to come today, I want to talk about this my weekend.

This past weekend was a good one – no, a great one.

My sister and her boyfriend were in town from Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday. My dad threw a little pool party for her on Saturday with just the immediate family, which provided the perfect canvas for pool relaxation.

We mostly lounged by the pool and when it got too hot for that, lounged inside. We ate and ate and ate and ate – but when you go to my dad’s house, that is 150% expected.

My dad made yellowtail fish sticks from the fish that he caught earlier that week (he fishes!) and duck ragu with homemade pasta – which was to die for.

My step mom had a Momofuku cake shipped out from New York (this is a real thing) since their funfetti cake is my sister and my absolute favorite. And of course, it exceeded expectations.

The next day, I came back over for breakfast and then my sister and I set out to a coffee shop to begin planning my bachelorette party. I hadn’t thought much about my bachelorette party until now and LET ME TELL YOU, I am so excited for the weekend to come.

What other opportunity do you have to go on a vacation with ALL of your closest girlfriends? Nonetheless to celebrate you getting married.

All of these wedding festivities are get me oh so excited.

Then, we went to try on veils! I pulled my wedding dress out of storage (I hadn’t tried it on in over a year!) and cried about five times as I walked around the salon wearing my dress and the veil that I chose.

These moments are so special they are almost difficult to describe. The emotional aspect of planning a wedding is so joyous and once-in-a-lifetime that it overwhelms you in the most loving of ways.

After veil shopping, my sister and I got a manicure and pedicure and grabbed dinner with our mom and grandparents.

So basically it was a weekend from heaven: pool, food, wine, wedding planning, manicure-pedicure, and some more food.

Photos from my Instagram Story (who follows along?!)

Bathing Suit from Atlas Swimwear

But what I want to touch on this week (now that I have given you every last detail of my weekend) is prioritizing weekends.

For some, weekends are your NO WORK ZONE. For others, like myself, weekends are partially time off, partially working.

Regardless of which type of weekender you are, prioritizing your time is highly critical to slipping into Monday full-force having both taken care of yourself and your social obligations.

Since I work from home and am on more of a 24/7 clock, I always block off times during the weekend that I will work. The rest of the time, I am unplugged, signed out, and on vacation mode so that I can reset and rest my mind.

These blocked off times usually include Saturday and Sunday morning along with Sunday night. Those three 2-4 hour shifts are my weekend obligations to REVUE.

For the rest of the time, I like to follow this equation: 1 social obligation, 1 date activity with your significant other, 2 unwinding activities just for yourself (like reading or going to yoga), and a few hours a weekend for errands and/or chores.

ALSO, I try not to have to set my alarm on Saturdays and Sundays, just to give myself that extra rest of waking up naturally.

It might sound weird – prioritizing your weekend? But if work takes up a lot of your life, you need to prioritize your social life, your romantic life, and your personal and private life. It can easily pass you by creating a lethargic and unbalanced sense of self rolling into the next work week.

Unplugging, spending times with family, friends, and loved ones, and taking some time for yourself are key ingredients to a weekend that will get you ready for the week.

Remember, you can’t operate on maximum capacity if you haven’t fully charged up.

So, as you plan this coming weekend ask yourself – what do I need to relax and have fun? What do I need to recharge? What do I need to not overcommit myself?

Find that balance. Find your limitations.

And then, have some fun.

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