Monday Morning Musing: A Wedding Planning Update

Happy Monday, Happy Monday & Good Morning: my favorite time of the day and week. Monday morning is that strong moment that says, “It’s time for another week, time to get going, time to be inspired, what will you do with your time?” It’s a sort of rebirth. If last week was filled with negativity, Monday morning always feels like the time to reset any toxicity and begin anew. Even though my schedule is not the traditional nine to five, and I usually work all day Sunday, there is something extra crisp and motivating about Monday morning. If you agree, then you are definitely doing something right with your life.

So for today’s check in, I wanted to give a little wedding update since this week I was in major planning mode and we have hit our 6 month mark! It is starting to feel like a surreal reality.

What I accomplished:

  • I picked up my Save the Dates (even though I didn’t order enough and had to reorder 40 more. Please don’t ask me how I royally messed this up to the degree that I did). Regardless of my incorrect ordering, I picked up the majority of our Save the Dates – and they are absolutely stunning! I will definitely do a recap of my save the dates and invitations which are being designed and printed by Elum Designs after the wedding. Picking up the Save the Dates started making everything feel official for me.
  • I chatted with my wedding planner and went through the check list of where I am at with the planning process. I am EARLY (of course) since I have already chosen and booked all of my vendors. Adam and I will have a total of a two year engagement so I got a few vendors out of the way early on and sort of tackled one or two more every few months. The point of having a two year engagement was to eliminate the stress and plan with ease, which is exactly what is happening. We went through the timeline of the weekend and the big day, which also made things very real for me. I started getting giddy and excited as I imagined each step come to life.
  • I got my wedding shoes!! This one is a big one. The shoes I selected have been sold out across the country for months. I got word from one of the sales associates (I have been calling every week) that they just received the order that a shipment will be coming in within the next few weeks. I hopped over the next day, tried them on to decide on the size, and my step-mom pre-ordered them. My step mom is gifting me my wedding shoes – which is so incredibly special and I could not be more grateful.
  • I found one half of my bridal shower look! I bought the skirt and now I need a top. My bridal shower is in about two months so you will definitely be seeing a bridal shower recap on REVUE as well as on my Instagram Story the day of. Let’s just say I am going half traditional-half untraditional.
  • Next week I will start planning my bachelorette party with my sister which will be at a hotel I included in my hotel bucket list. I am going low-key fun – nothing too crazy, nothing too flamboyant. Just a good time with my ladies, kicking back with a glass of wine. If you have any bachelorette planning tips, do share!

With that, I am getting closer and closer to this romantic day that I am working so hard to curate. A wedding is a lot of work to plan but as all the small details start to make more and more sense, the bigger picture that is being painted becomes so damn beautiful. As a kind of an anti-brideI love throwing in untraditional touches to the mix. This keeps things personable with a huge Scout-stamp of approval.

I cannot wait to share all the aesthetic details as my events fly by me (bridal shower and bachelorette party and wedding and honeymoon)!

This entire process is definitely romantic and whimsical. I checked stress at the door a long time ago and am just ready to shower and be showered with love. Not only that, but all of this planning has Adam and I on cloud nine together. We love talking about the wedding and what it means to us to become husband and wife. Just the idea of getting married is making us so grateful for the love that we share.

Any other brides to be out there? Let’s connect. Let’s chat. Let’s share inspiration.

Cheers & Happy Monday!

by scout


Photography by Jamie Street from Rad and In Love Photography


Scout is the curator and Editor-in-Chief of REVUE by scout. When not fostering REVUE, you can catch Scout reading, writing, out for lunch with friends, or cuddling on the couch with her fiancé and puppy Lola. Scout comes from both the digital and print publishing worlds with experience that ranges from operational to creative. Experience her aesthetic world with REVUE.

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