Monday Morning Musings: REVUE’s Makeover and What to Expect

As you may have noticed, REVUE got a makeover.

A major one.

A complete upgrade in design and content.

And here is what you can expect:

As you know, REVUE by scout started as my personal blog. I developed an aesthetic for REVUE both on the blog and on my Instagram – one that fit my cultural aspirations. As I continued to blog, I felt there was a piece missing. Perhaps I felt isolated in my blogging world as the content solely revolved around me. My writing started taking on an itch for a third person style. My aesthetic goals started widening their scope. I wanted to add more to REVUE. I wanted to add other voices. I wanted to showcase my different styles. And thus, with a change in layout to accurately match the scope in mission statement, a new REVUE was born.

Not only will you be able to come to REVUE and find personal essays written by me, you will also find articles showcasing brands, companies and experiences beyond myself. For example: Lusting Over Meadowlark Jewelry’s Cocktail Rings and This Medley of Bookstore Video Scenes Will Complete You

You will also find other writers! I will be adding contributors to the REVUE community because I want to share, read, delve into and provide multiple voices for the REVUE reader. (If you want to contribute, please email

This part-blog-part-content site will leave an even bigger aesthetic and cultural mark on REVUE. I am looking forward to building this next phase of REVUE out – both personally and with other likeminded individuals.

Jewelry from CAM Jewelry

In The Skills of Building a CommunityI defined REVUE as:

REVUE is that three-hour conversation you have at the coffee shop where your dreams, fears, achievements and creative plans were all mapped out with your closest friend.


That three-hour conversation just a whole lot richer as content will be updated to REVUE more frequently and with more fervor.

In addition, this Monday Morning Musings segment will be a weekly segment where I check in with both myself and with the REVUE community on a larger scale. Consider it the Scout Column.

With that, welcome.

Welcome to REVUE: a cultural study, personal diary and mental exercise for a community of people who believe in the art of an aesthetic and intellectual lifestyle.

And please, as always, please do say hi.

by scout

P.S. I got an Egyptian Goddess makeover look going on here thanks to the inspiration of CAM Jewelry!

Get the look: layers of chokers, Astrology gold pendants and their Illumination Ring 


Scout is the curator and Editor-in-Chief of REVUE by scout. When not fostering REVUE, you can catch Scout reading, writing, out for lunch with friends, or cuddling on the couch with her fiancé and puppy Lola. Scout comes from both the digital and print publishing worlds with experience that ranges from operational to creative. Experience her aesthetic world with REVUE.

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