What Do You Say About You? My Inner Dialogue

I was sitting with a friend enjoying an iced americano with two splashes of non-fat milk when I had a revelation. He read me a quote about perception and how we come to believe that our own perception of things is the ultimate and final truth. That is, however and quite obviously when you really think about it, untrue.

My inner dialogue these days – in an effort to get in shape and eat healthy specifically – has had a consistent theme of scrutiny. I was down to the hour. I would wake up and search my body for a hint of transformation. I would stand in front of the mirror mid afternoon to seek a difference after eating a healthy meal. Each day, I would scour the landscape of my body after the quest of results.

This, I now realize, is utter insanity and makes zero sense. That type of daily detailed interrogation is 1) never going to be successful and 2) setting me up to think of myself as a failure. When you obsess to such a degree, you will never see results – results take weeks, maybe even months  and definitely not one week and a few days. I was conditioning myself to be so strict for constant and consistent results – a type of immediate gratification.

Suddenly, my perspective shifted. I realized my habits were unhealthy mentally. They were not serving me on any level. Nor were they serving the results I was looking for.

I decided to shift my inner dialogue from one of scrutiny and fear to one filled with self-love:

“I love my body, especially my favorite parts: x, y, and z. I am 100% beautiful and I cannot wait to make decisions that honor my body in a healthy way.”

Suddenly I felt an internal shift. That type of thinking – making food and workout decisions to keep my beautiful body healthy and feeling good – is so much more empowering.

With that sort of positive inner dialogue, I went to the gym that day to unplug, leave my life’s stressors at the door, and meditate. The hyper detailed scrutiny of which exercise was sculpting and visually helping which part of my body was shed.

I was free to just be healthy, happy, and confident.

When I got home and ate dinner, I didn’t think much about it. I was mindful in my eating – which I covered my experience with mindful eating here – I made good choices, had some cheese and salami, and called it a day.

The point of this long drawn out anecdote is this: your inner dialogue is your perception and perspective of you and the life around you. This can be changed.

Always remember: No matter what, you have the power to change your perspective on the world around you and about yourself. It is just like any other muscle: work at it everyday and over time – days, weeks, months – your self love inner dialogue will become so strong that it will destroy and wipe out the toxicity your mind has been living in. It may take some time but be patient, for your mind will grow strong and reflect beauty.

I am eager to see how good I feel and how much healthier I become if I use the mantra “My body is beautiful” instead of the toxic mantra of: “This isn’t right so you have to eat less of X.”

My body is beautiful so I had a protein-packed, green smoothie this morning. I made a healthy decision out of a beautiful mantra.

It’s as simple as that.

Connect your mind and body movements with a positive connection. Better results will grow – both physically and mentally – from a positive inner dialogue.

How will you change your inner dialogue today to become more positive, encouraging, and supportive?

by scout

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**Photography by Jamie Street from Rad and in Love


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