Paris Architecture: History & Inspiration

Paris is known as a modern cosmopolitan city, but its architecture breathes the air of past history. The fusion of styles (Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Neo-Classical, Art Nouveau and Contemporary) creates one melting pot that our cultural world has come to cherish; refinement and sophistication included.

What began with Roman influence – orderly, distinguished columns and all – changed quickly to the chaos of Medieval times. The Renaissance period followed, mimicking the Italian Renaissance, and order and symmetry was once again restored to Paris. French Classicism was born from adding elegant innovation to the Renaissance period, creating the iconic Parisian architecture and motifs we now know today. This play on tradition and innovation put Paris on the map for its architecture in the 1600s.

Rococo, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, Contemporary all followed throughout the years creating a medley of influences that all cohesively bond together to be the elegant, romantic, and rich Parisian aesthetic.

What is dreamier than Paris? It evokes daydreams on daydreams that include cappuccinos, strolling through the streets, gazing at the enveloping architecture, taking your time, enjoying your time, breathing in the air of history and art and fashion, living for the moment and the croissant, hearing the words of the poets sprinkled in the air, lovingly embracing the city for its artistic offerings.

Here are some of Paris’ iconic pieces of architecture:


Musée d’Orsay

Photography by Frederick Ardley


L’Opera Paris


The Pantheon

Photography by superchinois801


Place des Vosges

Notre Dame



Other Paris Inspiration

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Happy Dreaming.

by scout


Research from Les Studios de Paris.

All photos taken from Tumblr.





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