Podcast Episode #3: SHOP Beauty & Wellness with Makeup Artist Olivia Taddeo

This podcast is JAM-PACKED with goodies. Throughout the entire episode, I pick makeup artist Olivia Taddeo’s brain with all of the makeup, beauty, and wellness questions I have (which is a lot since I am amateur hour when it comes to this).

Not only does Olivia have a WELL of knowledge (seriously, you might want to listen to it a second time and make sure you are taking notes – she is spilling some serious tips. If you scroll down, you can shop all of her favorite products), but her definition of beauty is golden.

You can subscribe to PODCAST by scout on iTunes with Episode #3 by CLICKING HERE.

Above and beyond chatting beauty and wellness products, we also chatted about what our definition of beauty was and how everyone has the power to define beauty for themselves.

Since the episode is SO JAM PACKED with incredible information and natural product recommendation, Olivia and I put together this comprehensive shopping guide with all the products Olivia recommends on the episode. Hope you all enjoy!



The Best Retinols


Antioxidant Love

SPF Coverage


Oil & Balm Cleansers


Treatments (Masks & Peels Galore)


Toners Please!

Tinted Moisturizers

Brow Products


Best Red Lipstick



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