Podcast Episode #5: The Ladies of ‘Elwynn & Cass’ Chat Family Entrepreneurship

Episode #5 is unique in one specific way: guests Dona McCullough & Katelyn McCullough are a mother-daughter duo that started a business together. Their company ‘Elwynn & Cass’ is a beauty concierge service that caters to the Southern California region.

Female entrepreneurship is bad-ass on its own. Throw a mother (Dona) and daughter (Katelyn) relationship into the mix and now the hustle gets interesting.

Both Dona and Katelyn are so eloquently in sync. They understand each other’s strengths and play to each quite strategically. They understand the real hustle of a start-up and the importance of communication, the perspective of your consumer, and when to turn business off.

There are some real gems in this episode that relate to start-ups, marketing, family businesses, strategy, and the importance of reaching out.

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by scout


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