Podcast Episode #4: Personal Trainer Elliot Benedict Phillip Talks Health, Fitness, Positivity, and Confidence

This week, I am switching up the podcast game in one major way. Episode #4’s guest is a gentleman! While PODCAST by scout’s roundtable is usually made up of women, Elliot Benedict Phillip is balancing us out with some positive male energy.

For starters, Elliot Benedict Phillip is a personal trainer and is currently getting his massage therapy certification. What stands him apart from so many others in the health and fitness field is the positive outlook he brings to the table. Both genuine and results driven, he is here to help people reach their goals in the real, messy, emotional, and self confidence way.

This episode is filled with so many themes: body image, self discipline, confidence, aesthetic goals, mental goals, inner happiness, fitness…

Listen to the episode here:



Happy listening & I hope you enjoy!

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And remember, give yourself some self love today whether that be through positive affirmations or making one healthy choice.

No matter the progress, you are always beautiful.

by scout


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