Q&A: Here Is What Gaby Is Cooking

If you haven’t come across What’s Gaby Cooking photos of mouth-watering food, perfect flat lays of tacos, and Southern California cool, you are in for a mega treat. This personal chef turned her blog What’s Gaby Cooking into a 360 food brand including Cookbook Clubs, Food City Guides, and mouth-watering meal plans.

How did Gaby turn her love for cooking into What’s Gaby Cooking?


1. Tell us a little bit about how your blog What’s Gaby Cooking came to be.

WGC has been on the map for about 7 years now but I’m fairly certain the only people reading it to start were my mom and grandma! These days WGC is all about living that California girl life where we can have a smoothie and salad for breakfast and lunch and tacos and slutty brownies for dinner. Balance is the name of the game when it comes to my website and brand!!


2. How did you first fall in love with cooking?

College! I loved feeding my roommates, tennis team mates and my boyfriend. Nothing was more fun than seeing the look on their faces when I’d make a meal. I’ve been hooked ever since.


3. When did you realize that you could make cooking and food your full time profession?

It was a few years into it. I went to college for pre-med and decided that it wasn’t for me so I switched to business. After school I got a job in LA for 6 months before the company essentially folded and was out of a job. I then started culinary school and got a job as a private chef the very same week. The blog started a week or two after just as a way to show my friends that I learned to like fish or cook mushrooms. A few years into that, when my blog was making around the same amount of money as my private chef income, I jumped ship and went full time with What’s Gaby Cooking!


4. For anyone looking to get into both the food and digital media sphere, what advice would you give them?

Find your voice and go for it. Don’t wait until you have the perfect looking website, or the best photography… just figure out your point of view and what makes you different and start!



5. What is something people might not know about you or What’s Gaby Cooking?

Oh man, I’m a pretty open book. People know that I was the pickiest eater EVER until age 18. They know the story of how I met my husband. The celebs I cooked for as a private chef… the works!


6. How do you want to grow What’s Gaby Cooking for the long run?

Sky’s the limit! That’s the beauty of the digital world. No one has really done this before. We’re not following any career path since our industry hasn’t been around for very long. But I have big plans for WGC and we’ll see how those change over the years and technology continues to develop!


7. What do you think it is about your food and you as a chef that people relate to?

Everything I stand for and create is approachable. No one wants to spend three hours in the kitchen making dinner, so I think that really resonates with people! We all have busy lives but want to put something on the table that’s mostly healthy and 100% delicious.


8. What is your favorite dish to make?!

I can never answer this question!! It’s like asking a mom to pick her favorite child! I love everything I make, especially when I’m feeding a crowd.


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