Self-Indulgence: A Little Bit of Gold

Self-Indulgence lies between empowerment and narcissism on the spectrum. It sits perched, tall and mighty, smack in the middle, awaiting others’ judgements to move it to the left or to the right just a bit.

For me, self-indulgence is GOLD. It keeps me loving myself with hints of delusion and hints of strength. It helps me to be unapologetically myself (a phrase that is highly overused but hey, it works) in a space that would otherwise work to tear me down.

What I mean is this: I get self-indulgent on Instagram because that is my space, my portfolio, my identity. I get to shape that, brand that, into whatever I want. And sure, how many photos of one self can one post? But in the world of social media, these are our digital selves. They represent our digital identity.

I self-indulge in my own identity, so why not self-indulge in my digital persona? The humbling thread between these two identities is where I truly lie – the projected image of myself and my real-life flesh. Where these overlap is where I am the most human.

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It is interesting how we scold one another for not loving ourselves yet we simultaneously scold each other for digitally loving ourselves too much.

I suppose in the quest for self-love, you cannot find it in the opinions of others.

I suppose in the quest for confidence, you cannot guarantee it from others.

I suppose in the quest for self-esteem, you cannot unravel it from others.

It seamlessly all comes down on self-indulgence.

Self-indulgence is the luxury form of self-empowerment. Think of it like that. A throne on your head, a cashmere sweater enveloping your chest, a bouquet of flowers hanging over your arm.

Stay self-indulgent, please.


by scout


**Photography by Dani Toscano



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