Steph Pickard Adds the Depth to Portrait Photography

Based out of Grand Rapids Michigan, Steph Pickard is a photographer with depth. Her connection with nature shapes many of her creations in addition to the moody tones underlying each photograph. Nature and full on romance make Steph Pickard the wedding photographer you’ve been looking for.

Read on to discover how Steph became a photographer, her thoughts on running a photography business, and examples of her awe-filled work.


1. How did you first become interested in photography?

I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember! Growing up my dad was into it so I used to borrow his old film camera and set up photo shoots with my neighbors where we would all dress up and pose and take photos for hours!​


2. At what point did you start seeing photography as a career path instead of just a hobby/interest?

Photography changed from a hobby to a career when I was in college. I was pursuing a ​medical degree with a photography minor​ and decided to make the jump to art because I would be much happier with my life in the long run!​


3. How would you describe your style of photography?

I usually describe my style as earthy, moody, and natural.


4. What camera(s) do you use to shoot? Which one is your favorite?

For my gear, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii and my film camera is an old Nikon of my dad’s so I’m not sure which one! My favorite is my Mark iii, but I do love shooting film as well.



5. How did you get into wedding photography?

I got into wedding photography at my first studio job out of college. I second shot quite a few weddings for that job and just fell in love with it!


6. What is your favorite part of photographing weddings?

My favorite part is just getting to experience all of the feels that ​come with a wedding day. You get to laugh with these people, cry happy tears, and just get to experience such a​n amazing day with them. There’s no feeling like it.


7. Your portraits are so whimsically romantic with an emotional depth. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature! I’m really outdoorsy so most of my shoots are designed around different locations I’ve found!


8. What photographers do you look up to?

My favorite photographer is Richard Avedon. His portraits always have such a depth to them and that has always spoken to me. ​Some wedding photographers that I look up to include Meghan Melia, Autumn Walker, and Jordan Voth.


9. What are the pros and cons to running your own photography business?

The pro to running your own business is ​definitely ​being your own boss. You set your schedule, do what you want for work, go where you want, etc​!​

The cons are that it’s not like a 9-5 where you can just call it quits on your day and go home. The hours can be a little intense sometimes but it’s always worth it. 🙂



10. What piece of advice would you give any other hopeful photographers looking to jump out on their own?

Keep shooting!! Don’t listen when people tell you that you can’t make it. Be yourself in your work and your style and never stop pursuing your passion.


11. How does photographing make you feel?

Photography makes me so happy. It’s amazing being able to do what you love every day


12. If you could be known for one thing when it comes to your photography, what would that one thing be?

It’s probably a toss up between my style and just truly having fun with the people I work with.


View more of Steph Pickard’s work on her website: click here.

Featured Image is of Steph Pickard. 




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