The Museum of Ice Cream; A Millennial Hype

If you’re like me, then you’ve also been seeing your Instagram explore page blown up with pools of sprinkles and pink banana walls. This is the simple effect of a new millennial hype; a museum dedicated to ice cream. The Museum of Ice Cream made its first opening in New York City but reopened in Los Angeles this year. What is it about the timing of these openings that reward the museum with its popularity? What features does the museum hold that is winning over the millennial population?

Let’s first start by agreeing that ice cream has grown in popularity throughout the generations. I can bet you a pint that the millennial generation eats more ice cream than our grandparents did when they were our age. It’s safe to say that it’s our favorite treat overall, and that it outdoes candy, pastries, etc. It’s cold, sweet, and perfect for a hot day under the L.A. sunshine. Dairy free options have also helped ice cream earn its title considering our population’s large quantity of vegans and lactose-intolerants, though the museum of ice cream doesn’t offer these accommodations.

When we heard the name “Museum of Ice Cream”, what else could have been done other than rushing through the city to indulge every sense in all things ice cream?

All things ice cream is certainly what you’ll find at this museum. Walk through rooms with popsicles hanging out of the walls, take a swim in sprinkles, and of course, do it all while eating your favorite treat. The museum wasn’t made to display ancient artifacts or art. It wasn’t made as a memorial, or to honor any lost tradition. It was made to be flashy. It was made to be photo ready. It was made to attract Instagram-ers, photographers, and free, creative minds.

The Museum of Ice Cream’s fact page has something to say about the definition of a museum: “a museum, in our opinion celebrates creativity, passion, history, innovators and innovations and we created Museum of Ice Cream in this spirit. While we are neither a non-profit nor an official museum, we are built upon the foundation of sharing and celebrating ice cream.”

Though they aren’t an official museum, the title helps attract ice cream lovers.

The “museum” makes another statement about their purpose on their about page: “Remember those crazy ideas you dreamed up as a kid? The museum of ice cream is the place where ideas are transformed into real life experiences. A place where flavors are mysteries, toppings are toys, and sprinkles make the world a better place. Our mission is to design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination.”

No wonder the place is always sold out. They play on our childhood emotions and imagination. These are aspects of millennials that we seem to have held onto more than older generations. If there is a place where an idea, the idea of all things ice cream for instance, can become an actual place, then it is a place for millennials. Have you ever noticed that it is a common theme among us to fantasize about specialized rooms? This friend wants a yoga room at their place, and another wants a music room. The Museum of Ice Cream definitely fulfills this theme-roomed craving.

The best part of the statement is the “provoke imagination” part. In a world that is often promoting left-brained activity, we could always use more time to escape into other dimensions. We could always use a place for our imaginations to feast, and better yet, a place where we can feast our imaginations on the physical idea of things we’d actually feast on!

by Jacob Lopez


**Images from Google Image and Tumblr.

Jacob Lopez

Jacob Lopez is an English academic, creative writer, and freelance writer for his university's newspaper. He recently had some of his poetry writing published in his university's literary magazine, Byzantium. Outside of his vigorous reading and writing habits, Jacob enjoys a yoga practice, travel, culture, and taking deep breaths in nature.

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