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Lately, my fiancé Adam and I are drawn to everything Mid Century Modern like a magnet. When we both discovered that we harbored a preference towards the Mid Century Modern aesthetic, our identity as a home clicked. We started infusing Mid Century Modern aspects into our apartment last year and now enjoy a good antique store to uncover hidden MCM gems. We check Mid Century Modern furniture resell sites religiously, love pointing out an Eames reference in a movie, and scour Zillow for any fully furnished Mid Century Modern homes on the market (we like to dream!).

What we also do is look to Instagram for Mid Century Modern inspiration. We follow a few of the same accounts and will send a post via direct message to the other when we fall in love with something extra special – again, we like to dream! I, for one, am credenza obsessed. I think heaven on earth looks like a room filed with credenzas that I get to take home if I so please. Adam is obsessed with the Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & Ottomans and the minute we have the budget and the space, you will most likely find one in our future home.

If you are a Mid Century Modern enthusiast that appreciates a good throwback Mid Century Modern house with all glass windows, flat ceilings, and a few tulip chairs, here are my top 5 Instagram accounts to follow for your Mid Century Modern fix.



MCM gem located in Parker, Colorado built in 1965. Photo: curbed #mcmdaily #mcmgem #usa🇺🇸

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The best part about D.C. Hillier’s MCM Daily Instagram? It’s a Mid Century Modern page for the history enthusiasts. He posted an image of Mick Jagger standing next to an Olaf Pira for String shelving unit taken in 1966. He posts pictures of advertisements from the time – highlighting the design. He posts iconic houses such as the Los Angeles Sheats Goldstein house designed by John Lautner in 1963. He posts solo furniture shots of chairs, credenzas, and couches!

AKA – it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of: @dc_hillier


Homesteez is the Instagram account for you if you 1) love authentic Mid Century Modern pieces and 2) want the option to take those pieces home! Homesteez is a Mid Century Modern furniture account that sells the beauties they find and (sometimes) refurbish. Located in San Diego, I check Homesteez regularly – just in case they post something Adam and I need to steal! We purchased our matching nightstands from them about a year ago and are still in love. The best part about Homesteez is their choice of relevant pieces for today’s design preferences and their fair prices.

Visit Mid Century Modern pieces that could be yours at: @homesteez



I go to The Exchange Int to view pieces and furniture setups that blur the lines between art and luxury and furniture. Some of their posts are more authentic to the Mid Century era – a little more out of the box with a hint of imagination that has been slightly stripped away in today’s version of Mid Century Modern. The Exchange Int always feels like a surprise – as if you are opening hidden doors, only to marvel at what you have not seen before.

Visit The Exchange Int’s world here: @theexchangeint


Got Palm Springs fever right now.

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Everything Mid-Century is the Instagram account that gives you house-envy and full design inspiration. Instead of focusing on individual pieces of furniture, Everything Mid-Century focuses on the house – from the outside architecture to how the living room is designed. If you are currently decorating your home and need some Mid-Century Modern inspiration, this is your go-to Instagram account.

To follow Everything Mid-Century: @midcenturyeverything


The Atomic Ranch Instagram provides a 360 perspective on Mid Century Modern as a magazine for Mid Century Modern Homes. A mix of houses, interiors, vintage photos, and relevant news on the Mid Century Modern community is posted. This mixing of old and new makes The Atomic Ranch the go to place for the today consumer that is looking to live the MCM lifestyle. More than just an Instagram, The Atomic Ranch provides you with MCM resources, information on events, and articles about MCM home owners!

Follow The Atomic Ranch here: @theatomicranch

Mid Century Modern fans, are you out there?! Which is your favorite MCM Instagram account to follow for daily inspiration?





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