On My Travel Radar: 4 Breathtaking Destinations

You get swept up in planning your honeymoon; images of serene mornings, pristine beaches and endless hand holding come to mind. Hotels with ambiance, as if they were their own living organism with a spectrum of design aesthetics and preferences, are sending your daydreams into overdrive. Which to choose? Which world to fall into? Which experience is for you?

While my soon-to-be husband and I will be getting away to the mystical and bohemian beaches of Tulum, the hunt for the perfect honeymoon itinerary had me sending my travel feelers out. In the quest to plan my honeymoon, I got the dreaming travel bug. And since my life’s travels will be honeymoon after honeymoon with my fiancé for years to come, I created my wish list travel destinations for the upcoming years.

I might not get to them all, but just dream with me for the moment…

1. Italy

Photo: Casa Cau

Florence, Rome, the countryside, Positano, Milan, Venice…anywhere and everything Italian, PLEASE. I visited Italy with my mom and sister when I was fifteen and fell in love. I visited Florence, Milan, and Venice and absorbed with everything food and architecture. My fiance has never been so we always chat about going together. There is something warm and golden about Italy. It is a passionate country filled with a certain hot-bloodness.  Italy is not one foot in, one foot out. It’s a culture that is all in. It sweeps you away. It revs your inspiration. And it takes over your tastebuds.

Staying at Casa Cau near the Trevi Fountain in Rome sounds like a dream. Also this pastel, lounging-in-bed, hip decor is calling my name.


2. Morocco

Photo: Riad BE

I feel as if visiting Morocco is the natural progression from staying at Nomade Hotel in Tulum (where we will be staying for our honeymoon). Morocco is the bohemian mecca with a whimsical color palette that I can get behind – and I am an all-black kind of girl. The peachy-pink exteriors, the intricately detailed tile, the olive trees, the pops of rich, jewel tone colors, the endless markets with exotic and antique rugs, and the attention to detail makes Morocco a pot of gold for those with aesthetic sensibilities.

I am specifically dying to stay at Riad BE Marrakech, a picture-esque, plush hotel that captures Morocco’s traditional design and architecture while remaining timeless in today’s modern age. Also, that pool….


3. New Orleans

Photo: The Ace Hotel, New Orleans

My fiancé has fallen in love with New Orleans and is hosting his bachelor party there. He has always wanted to take me but I have refused in certain months because, well, humidity. I am eager to get there though during an off-season (give me Fall or Spring and I’ll be happy). Part of the reason my fiancé loves New Orleans so much is for the abundance of decadent food and the French Quarter which, as he says, “feels like a completely different world.”

And, of course, I would love to stay at The Ace Hotel. I love how Ace Hotels interpret each city. The New Orleans location seems to mix the cool-kid mentality with the aged soul of the city.


4. Japan

Photo: Jinya Ryokan

I am unsure of where to even begin when it comes to Japan. Over the past year, I have developed an intense love for all things Japanese: food, fashion, aesthetics, interiors, literature, etc. There is something so romantic yet orderly about their culture and art that calms me down while also letting my heart pulse with the itch to create. To say I am fascinated is an understatement. Plus, Mid Century Modern and Japanese design just go together.

I would love to stay at Jinya Ryokan for its play on the fusion of traditional Japenese design and modern sensibilities. Essentially, I want this beautiful hotel to be my house.


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