Trendy Shoes: Break the Bank or Snag a Deal

Slip-ons and sneakers and slides…oh my! From affordable to higher-end, trendy shoes are catching the attention and eyes of all. With the ability to match and accessorize different outfits with different goals, shoes have the power to bring together an entire look. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Vans, Puma, Fendi, and more are creating different personalities to basic shoewear to help define and shape one’s fashion identity.

1. Sneakers


Ace Leather Sneaker by Gucci ($550.00)

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On the more expensive side of shoewear, the Ace Leather Sneaker by Gucci forms a comfortable, simple, yet fashionable addition to any look. Want more attention towards your shoes? Gucci provides a larger variety of the Ace Leather Sneakers containing different exotic patches sewn onto their striped logo.

Check out these Gucci sneakers here.


Creeper White Leather by PUMA by Rihanna ($150.00)

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Supplying a more modern line, Rihanna created a sneaker that forms a comfortable fit as well as an attractive appearance. With a slight lift in height from the taller platforms, the creepers appear as if they are a part of a more known and expensive brand.

Rock these creepers here.




Red and Burgundy Leather Flats by Fendi

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Colorful, comfortable, and easily slips on. The Fendi slides most definitely interest the eyes of fashion-lovers. For a more simple look, the black and gray slides provide a perfect accessory while the red and burgundy slides add a pop of color.

Rock these by clicking here.


Bow Women’s Side Sandals by Fenty Puma (Rihanna Collection) ($90.00)


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The Fenty Puma slides supply a higher quality even though they are less expensive. With a stylish bow, they make every outfit contain a sense of comfort yet fashionable statement.

Slide into these right here.




Edition by Steve Madden ($79.98)

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When needing to add a unique accessory to any outfit, black booties will perfect and achieve the task. The huge trend of booties, patches, and roses were all brought together in one by Steve Madden creating an awe-ing effect from all viewers and customers. Containing a 4-inch heel height, the booties rise high enough for everyone to see and obsess over.

Accept these roses here.


Black Rose Embroidery Booties by Windsor ($32.90)

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With the same goal of combining three engaging fashion trends, Windsor created a more simple outlook regarding embroidered booties. In a less noticeable way, the rose patches are found on the back of the heel rather than the front of the shoe.

Rock these beauties here.




PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart by Comme des Garçons ($125.00)

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To issue a more vintage-style, the hidden heart high-tops bestow a playful look. When combining a graphic art designer with a famous and trendy shoe line, customers gain distinctive and one of a kind shoes.

Add these to your shoe collection here.


Stellar Sneaker Boot by Louis Vuitton ($745.00)

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A more “flashy” shoe option would be the classic high tops by Louis Vuitton. The famous Monogram canvas and three-color stripe creates a shoe that seriously catches everyone’s attention.

Fall in love with these shoes here.




Slip-Ons by Vans ($50.00-85.00)

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With a large variety of colors, patterns, and materials, Vans opens up the world of slip-ons for any occasion or event. If you are uninterested in any of the styles and designs shown on the website, you could create your own! In the same price range, Vans has a page that allows you to produce your own shoes with your own preference and choice of design, material, and color. Be your own designer and test out your artistic and creative side!

Choose your style here.


Monster Sneaker by Fendi ($650.00-700.00)

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On the more expensive range, Fendi promotes their monster slip-ons with a more “street-chic” appeal. With the addition of a monster-face on the top, the shoe provides an interactive look – the focal point of the bold design.

Purchase these monsters here.

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