Wake Up and Smell the Roses

“Wake up and smell the roses.”

There are so many different ways to interpret this saying.

The literal interpretation: Wake up, walk outside, find a rose, put your nose in it.

The figurative interpretation: Wake up, appreciate what you have in life.

Let’s relate this to roses; roses contain both positive and negative facets. The thorns figuratively create the rough parts of people’s lives; but once you get to the petals, it contains several layers that help to create the person itself and the beauty of that person.

In the world of flowers, roses are a diverse species with different colors, meanings, thorns, etc. The different colors of roses serve as different personalities of people. A red rose symbolizes love, beauty, courage, and respect while a yellow rose symbolizes joy, gladness, friendship, and delight. Even with these large variety of roses, they all share the beauty of the flower itself and the rough thorns of the stem.

For instance, even an old red rose, with discoloration and a broken stem, has the same beauty and rough thorns as a long, beautiful, and bright red rose. No matter how worn out a rose may be, the importance of its thorns and petals are maintained.

In this world, there are so many thorns that upset and disrupt your life. What you must realize is that the thorns are all necessary to help create the beauty of your actual life. Similar to a rose, thorns are necessary to protect the flower and its beauty. In life, thorns are necessary to shape and create a person and their resulted beauty. Instead of ignoring the thorns of your life, accept them. They are just as much a part of your life as the petals of your rose are. Once you realize this, it will affect the subtleties of your life in a positive way.

The perfect yet unfortunate example would be those with special needs. You could only imagine how tough it would be to not be able to speak, listen, comprehend, or do the same things that a “typical/average” human being would be able to do. Remember, everyone is here for a reason, and everyone is able to bring something different to the world. People with special needs are able to bring a positive light and show people how grateful they should be for what they could do, have, share, etc. People with special needs have the right to feel ungrateful, but do they act unappreciative?

The answer, in most cases, would be no. People with special needs have the tendency to let off an energy that will affect anyone they are with or around. Whether they share it through a smile, laugh, or even a simple glance, they know how to let off an energy that is lacked elsewhere. No matter how tough their thorns may be, they know how to accept them just as much as they accept their petals.

If people that lack a knowledge of understanding, speaking, listening, acting, moving, and more are able to be grateful for what they DO have, rather than ungrateful for the thorns that are in their way, then why can’t we all just wake up and smell the roses?

So the next time you hear wake up and smell the roses, what will you do?

Sofia Gabay

Sofia is an aspiring writer who hopes to influence and motivate people through her creative pieces of writing. When she is not writing for REVUE, Sofia is engaged in learning from teachers, including Scout, dancing with her closest friends, as well as enjoying different flavors of meals with her family and friends.

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